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Hi Ronnie,


I must admit that I had my doubts (I guess you already know that!), but the guitar arrived yesterday and it's everything you said it would be. It's really a work of art and it's hard to believe that a  Koa guitar with such beautiful artwork could be made for this price. I'm very impressed and was well worth the wait. I thank you and wish you well in future sales of these guitars. 


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.






Hi Ronnie,


Got the guitar today. Tuned and played it briefly. It’s still at my office so haven’t hooked it to my amp yet.

The instrument is beautiful. Fit and finish virtually flawless. Sounds and plays quite well as is. Action good but will still take it to my guy for set up as I do with all my guitars. It exceeded my expectations. A true bargain and you have a winner here. I hope you sell a lot of them.  Thank you.





Kudos my friend. Guitar arrived packaged very secure and had a chance to tune her up to give it a play. I’m very satisfied by the result. Workmanship exceeded my expectations to be completely honest and the finished cedar top is magnificent. I’m glad I stuck it out. I will be more than certain to be ordering from you again if you will let me (I can be considered difficult and nit picky). Thanks again Ronnie.




Just got the guitar..tuned it up and wow! Great instrument! You were right, my patience paid off. It will be fun to play!!!!




Hi Ronnie,

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new slothead guitar. It arrived on Saturday, the day of my concert, so I was able to use it then! I was so very satisfied with the setup and craftsmanship of the guitar. With the cedar top and laminated rosewood sides and back, this guitar has a great sound for a small body guitar! I love the Abalone inlay work throughout the guitar, and the neck is very attractive as well. Please send my kudos to your luthier in China, as his craftsmanship is very impressive. If I'm ever in the market for another guitar, I will purchase it from you. Thanks again!


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